Lasse Wendelin

Do You want to create massive change in your business or your personal life?

Transformation is about changing habits. Habits determine the outcome of everything. There are no coinsidencies, there are only causes and effects.

It´s all about your next move!

In my work as a business consultant and life coach I have met a huge number of people and companies.

Every single growth story have similar building blocks. First admitting honestly where you are right now, secondly having the ability to see the future possibilities, and finally make the necessary practical changes.

Business or life, this truth is the same. Your next decision will shape your future more than anything you´ve done before.

And your next move depends on how you choose to focus in upcoming situations.

Lasse Wendelin

Entreprenourial business booster and life coach

Lasse is a recoqnised coach, strategist, leadership expert, speaker and author. His passion is to help people and organizations reach their fullest potential through internal growth. He has a broad experience from different leadership positions in the past and has an MBA and a degree in Solution focused psychotherapy.


Successful cooperation

Success is created one step at a time.

Now it is your turn to make a move.

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