”Bloody Finn!”
A little boy stands on the school yard in Southern Sweden. The others kids are having fun with different activities during the break. But he is alone, as he is during so many other breaks.

Someone notices the lonely boy and starts to pay attention. Not in a nice way. Within a few moments a ring is formed around this little Finnish immigrant boy. The kids in the ring are shouting something, but he doesn´t understand what. He starts hearing two words over and over again; ”Bloody Finn!”. That was the blessing he got from his new compatriots.


Being suspicious – sometimes even violent – towards strangers and new things is not typically Swedish. It is a universal phenomenon. You can find it equally in Finland, China, Japan, USA, Egypt or Argentina. Something or someone strange and new disturbs our piece of mind or our world view.


Lasse, this kid in the midst of the ring, decided however to take responsibility of his life. He was not willing to surrender to the bullying of these kids. He was not willing to become a tool for others change resistance.


At first, the contact with the new compatriots might have been a little harsh. Someone might even got a little hurt in the fights. Eventually Lasse won the trust of his mates and merged into the group. The new language became more familiar. Life´s first hard and challenging change process was completed and Lasse felt happy.


Citizen in two countries


Lasse blended quickly into the Nordic culture. As a young adult he was working in wellpaid bluecollar jobs around Sweden and Norway. Quickly he made his way to the offices as well.


Due to an entreprenourial mindset Lasse started his first business when he was 19. The first startup was in cleaning industry, the second in shoeimport, followed by kitchen furniture. The commercial studies at University boosted the passion for business. The businesses thrived. Unfortunately the speed was too high and he suffered a severe bankcrupcy, where he lost everything.



After licking the wounds Lasse started as a Country Manager for a large European shoebusiness. Retailing and distribution became familiar during those years. With tens of evenings spent by coaching retailers the passion for coaching and consulting emerged.


During those years Lasse´s family moved back to his mother country Finland. Almost three decades in Sweden and a lot of work assignments during those years in Nordic and European countries impregnated Lasse with great sophistication. He has become a broad-minded world citizen.


Helping other towards abundance


After many years in branded goods business, both BtB and BtC, Lasse decided to capitulate to his passion. The way in which he had been able to help a lot of people and businesses during the past years, made him realize that he had a future in coaching. He recoqnized a will and an ability to lead others towards a more abundant life and business. Abundance is always about changing something in our habits and about how we see our future.



Working as a coach and consultant in two different companies formed Lasse quickly into a professional. As an employee he was always among the top most valuable players. In one of the companies Lasse also served as the Managing Director.


The passion for being able to help customers more holistically lead him finally to start his own coaching and consulting business, along with other growth minded professionals.


Growth every day, every moment


Lasse has a strong need for inner growth. He is an example and a forerunner for other in this aspect. His entire life experience is always in customers use.


Lasse´s values are anchored deep down. The founding principle is that every human being is immeasurably valuable, deservs respect and is unique. And as such she should be treated, always.


When you know where you really stand and your compass is accurately calibrated, it is safer and easier to face all the unsecurity that changes might come with. When you know your own home harbour, you can with confidence start moving toward the unknown and the uncomfortable.


His first book Lasse wrote 2007. The book is about how to conduct a life with excellence, with abundance. It describes five crucially important life skills, being the relationship towards myself, others, money, time and universe. The book is a statement of everything that Lasse himself belives in.


Maintaining the sense of control in the midst of ecen rapid changes has always been a common thread in Lasse Wendelin´s life. This is something that he always emphasizes on also in his coaching, wittnessed by a large number of satisfied customers all over the world. During his career Lasse has served customers in more than twenty countries and in all sizes of businesses. In addition thousands of individuals have had the opportunity to attend his seminars.


Satisfaction, happiness and balance in life is possible also in tough changes and situations. The seed for joy, love and motivation is inside of us and is independent of outer circumstances.


The second book, Leadership Excellence, was published in 2013, and deals with leadership and how to form more productive working cultures. All the experience of change projects that Lasse have been completing with his customers are clearly visible in this book. As one leader for a large listed company stated after reading the book; ”this book has everything that is needed for leading change and improving leadership”.


At the end of 2015 something dramatic happened. Lasse received a cancer diagnosis. That was almost the end of his life, but the surgery went well. After this shaking event life could go on and the passion for heping others continue. The message that he had written in his first book becomes suddenly much more relevant also to Lasse himself, with clarified values and principals.


During 2016 a new phase is looming. China is calling. Already as a young adult Lasse became interested in China and after recovering from cancer he decided to go after his dreams. The first Chinese book will be published in China in August 2017. It is named Excellent Life in Chinese.


During the years in coaching and consulting Lasse has formed a certain growth concept, now called WeCan. The concept is based on those five catalysts that was the discourse in his very first book. WeCan concept will during 2017 be constructed into a digital algorithm and piloted in China. The main purpose of WeCan is to serve as a growth system for both individuals and companies.


During July 2017 first algorithms of WeCan are coded, the piloting workshop scheduled and train the trainer program conceptualized. The growth path can continue.